Palmer Drug Abuse Program

A: 500 N Dalmont Hobbs NM
P: 575-397-6333

The Palmer Drug Abuse Program of Lea County (PDAP) is a non-profit organization, focused on providing free services to those individuals and families affected by substance abuse.  PDAP was started in the early 1970s, in Houston, Texas with a focus on providing services to teenagers and young adults.

Since the founding of PDAP of Lea County in 1982, a focus of providing help to the entire family has been paramount to PDAP of Lea County’s mission.  Below is an overview of the different groups PDAP offers.  In addition to groups, PDAP of Lea County offers individual counseling free of charge to those affected by substance abuse.  PDAP groups are grounded in “PDAP’s 12-Steps.”

PDAP provides help with any situation involving substance abuse. Please contact PDAP if you have any questions. PDAP offers help to both teenagers and adults who want to find an alternative to drug and alcohol use of any kind. The program also offers help to parents, husbands or wives and children of people with a drug or alcohol problem.

These services are provided throughout four groups:

Parent Group: a group for parents, husbands, or wives of someone with a drug and/or alcohol problem. Special People: a chemical dependency prevention program for children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Younger Group: a group for individuals between the ages of 12 and 17 with issues, personal or familial, directly related to drug or alcohol use.  This group provides a positive, safe and sober environment for teenagers to engage in the recovery process.

Older Group: a group for those age 18 and over who have experienced negative consequences because of their own personal use of mind-changing chemicals.  This group is about sharing hope, strength and experiences with others and working through the challenges of recovery together.

Older group provides multiple group meetings each week, sober functions and peer support.

United Way of Lea County

A: 320 North Shipp, Suite B in Hobbs
P: 575-397-2203

United Way of Lea County is the primary resource for fundraising, volunteering, and advocating for all Lea County residents.

The United Way mission is to financially support our community partners in making a lasting impact on those in need. United Way is focused on 3 key building blocks for a good life; Education, Health, and Financial Stability.

Everyone deserves an opportunity and annually United Way is driven to help our partners through our Work Place Campaign, to support our children through our Stuff-A-Bus Drive, to fundraise through events such as Chili Fest and to provide Innovative Grants for special projects.

None of this would be possible without the support of our community stakeholders, our dedicated board members, our passionate staff, and most importantly, generous givers. 2-1-1, a program of United Way, is a one-stop referral system for those seeking information regarding resources in Lea County and beyond.

Isaiah’s Soup Kitchen

A: 304 W. Harden, Hobbs, NM
P: (575) 393-4125

Isaiah’s Soup Kitchen is a non-profit organization serving the needy in the area by serving hot meals to those in need. Isaiah’s Kitchen provides free hot breakfast (9 a.m.) and lunch (noon) Monday through Friday at 304 W. Harden, Hobbs. 575-631-2220.

Food boxes for needy families to take home are also provided at this location. Isaiah’s Soup Kitchen offers a hand up with God’s Word, not a hand out!

The Phoenix House, Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Resource Center

A: 221 E Green Acres Hobbs NM
P: 24/7 Hotline: 575-942-1911 (Call or TEXT)
S: Follow us on Facebook at
The Phoenix House Hobbs

The Phoenix House provides forensic nursing exams for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and strangulation.

We provide timely, confidential, professional medical treatment and care, including medications for sexually transmitted infections and emergency contraception at no cost to the victim. The forensic nurse can assess, document injuries, and offer referrals for immediate or follow up medical care and counseling.

The sexual assault/domestic violence team consists of the nurse and a patient advocate.

The forensic nurse provides objective medical and forensic treatment while the advocate can provide emotional support and information to the victim, their family, and friends before, during, and after the exam.

Children are also seen by The Phoenix House, however their course of care will differ depending on age.
For more information, please call
Gretchen Koether, SANE @ 575-441-3566. Ann Navarrete, SANE @ 575-441-5995

Prescription Drop-Box Locations in Lea County

HOBBS — Police Department Lobby, 300 N. Turner
American Medical Group Clinic, 2410 N. Fowler
LOVINGTON — Police Department Lobby, 213 S. Love
EUNICE — Fire Department Lobby, 1107 W. Ave. J
TATUM — Police Department Lobby, 411 E. Broadway
JAL —      Police Department Lobby, 3421 State Rd. 18

Guidance Center of Lea County (GCLC)

A: 920 W Broadway Hobbs, NM
P: (575) 393-3168

The Guidance Center of Lea County, Inc. (GCLC) was first established in 1971 as a Crisis Line in a small house on Dal Paso Street in Hobbs.

The mission was to provide emergency crisis intervention services to the citizens of Lea County, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. GCLC is a non-profit community mental health center now providing a wide array of services to clients throughout Lea County and Southeastern New Mexico.

The Guidance Center has been present and providing mental health services for more than four decades. The Guidance Center serves over 1000 clients a month, ongoing, and responds to approximately 66 crisis interventions per month. As the sole provider of a comprehensive array of family-centered services, GCLC is committed to the enhancement and expansion of its continuum of care.

This continuum is created by providing services supported by the Division of Mental Health, the Behavioral Health Services Division of Substance Abuse, and the Children, Youth and Families Department, and is augmented by services funded by local sources.

Option, Inc

P: 575-397-1576

Option Inc. is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to prevent future domestic violence between adults and to reduce the incidence of battery and assault.

Since its founding in 1978, Option, Inc. has worked tirelessly towards its mission by providing a comprehensive menu of services for victims of domestic violence in Lea County.

The essential services, which include emergency shelter, crisis intervention, and advocacy, have provided the foundation from which Option Inc. has built its services. Additional services include counseling (individual and group), transitional housing, food, clothing, transportation, assistance with acquiring protective orders, mediation and safehouse interviewing for child abuse victims, in addition to transitional housing services.

Court ordered domestic violence treatment programs are also offered for offenders. All individuals seeking assistance are treated with non-judgment and respect without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age and sexuality as they try to change the abusive patterns that have defined their lives.

WHI Hobbs

A: 223 W. Taos, Hobbs
P: (575) 441-2732

WHI Hobbs is a community Non-profit organization solely focused on the weekend nutritional needs of children in Hobbs. Today in our community, 1 out of 4 children is food insecure on the weekend.

WHI Hobbs’ mission is to help each child feel secure knowing they will be able to eat over the weekend. Through the WHI program, any child that has a need for food over the weekend receives food for that child and any sibling in that household.

All children are referred to WHI Hobbs through Hobbs ISD social workers, counselors, teachers and school staff, who closely monitor the well-being of each child.

Opportunity House, Inc

A: 206 N Turner Hobbs NM
P: 575-397-4667

Opportunity House, Inc. is a non-profit organization, which recognizes the need for a non-medical integration house program for recovering alcoholics and substance abusers.

We assist these individuals in learning how to live life responsibly without chemical dependency.

We help them re-enter society and become productive citizens. We also provide an alternative to state or county incarceration for non-violent drug and/or alcohol offenders.

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